SoDak Clothing was born out of a love for the open road and t-shirts you want to live in

Combining our love of road trip adventures and the open roads of South Dakota, SoDak Certified is our way to place the spotlight on the incredibly unique people and places throughout the state. We plan to travel well-worn paths to places like Mount Rushmore and Wall Drug. But also to the lesser-known destinations all across SoDak nation where freedom, friendship and hard work are so highly valued. Consider this our contribution to helping locals and visitors promote their favorite places, a place folks can peruse to find a new adventure to attack. A place where we can develop an online community to build each other up. To help each other succeed through kindness. To truly love our neighbors.

South Dakota has so much to offer through its people and its one-of-kind geographical landscape. Those from other areas of the country just don’t seem to understand how unique South Dakota is. From the rolling prairies across the Continental Divide to the splendor of the Black Hills. From the lunar-appearing (eerie landscape) (wilderness) Badlands to the meandering Missouri River reservoirs, South Dakota harbors some of the greatest natural wonders the United States has to offer. And all of it is within driving distance from anywhere else in the state.

As we travel across the state, we will be embarking on “road trips with a purpose.” To seek those who want to collaborate with SoDak Clothing to improve our sense of connectedness and to showcase some of the best our state has to offer. Let us know why you think we should come to your town or your business, and we will do our best to get an event on the calendar. We are excited to see how we can work together to make South Dakota a little bit more fun for us and for everyone else. We just might make a weekend of it!

We are up for almost any adventure or activity that you can think. So get creative. Put together a plan and chances are high we will be participating in the near future!